The Best Top Coat Nail Polish

Perfections, this word is maybe what many people wants, especially for girl’s, teenage girl’s, well don’t know exactly why, but this is the fact, anyway, talking about perfections, this time I will share to you something about best top coat nail polish, but, before I continue this discussion, I’d like to ask one thing, do you know what is the top coat nail is? For your information’s, top coat nail polish is kind of nail polish that make the color of the nail polish last longer, it means that top coat is something that applied after you add some base nail polish on your nails.

Long lasting nail polish is the most important thing, non long lasting nail polish result continuously polishing which means it will be bother and troublesome for some reason, and to solve repeating polishing nails you can use Top coat nail polish, you can find it on the beauty store, the color will be last longer and not easy to be faded, strong and beautiful color is one of many girl’s want, but still top coat nail polish have its own goodness, here I have the list of the best top coat nail polish that commonly used by many girl’s this far.

The first is Sally Hansen, this one seems familiar for you is not it? Sally Hansen top coat product is trusted and have proven by many testers, when this product firstly launched, the give some sample of the product to the testers in order to prove the goodness of it, and it goodly proved until now, next is CND air dry, this one is recommended by many girl’s who ever try this top coat nail polish before, the long lasting color and beauty color is may be the best this far.

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