What Do They Call Collagen Powder In Holland

Collagen is an ingredient that has certainly sparked in popularity. You can find it everywhere – in beauty products, makeup, even at your local coffee shop! But what exactly is collagen powder and why is it so sought after?

Collagen is a form of protein commonly found in our bodies. Of course, beauty products don’t use collagen from our bodies. Rather, they take animal-derived collagen and use it to supplement the amount of collagen we naturally have. Why is this important?

In a literal sense, collagen helps hold our bodies together. It has a structural function and it makes sures are tendons are strong, soft tissues are connected to the skeleton, and our skin and organs are flexible. This is also what’s making our skin elastic and youthful looking.

What Is Collagen Powder?

Naturally, collagen used in beauty products come in gelatinous form. It is made of animal tissues such as skin, bones, fish scales, and egg shells. Once processed, these become gelatinous. Then, you can combine them with other ingredients to get a collagen cream, for example.

However, some experts have found that collagen used in that form isn’t as beneficial as people have expected. It cannot break into the deeper parts of our skin or into our bodies. Instead, it stays on the surface. 

When you break that collagen even further, you can get a fine powder that you can then use in different ways compared to regular collagen. This collagen powder ends up in protein bars, capsules, single-serve pouches, and vitamin tubs. 

By ingesting it, you can gain more benefits from collagen than you would by only putting it onto your skin. Collagen powder can provide you with skin, hair, nail, bone, muscle, and joint support. Some research suggests that it might even improve your sleep, boost gut health, or help control your weight!

What If You Need Collagen Powder in The Netherlands?

Collagen powder is rather popular in the EU, including the Netherlands. If you find yourself in this beautiful country, all you have to do is ask them for collagen poeders and they will point you to the right direction and the right product.

Dutch people are very passionate about their skin and they take good care of it. They love all new skincare trends, and collagen powder is certainly a beneficial one. Don’t let language barriers prevent you from getting the product you want. 

Why Camping Is Great for the Family

Although people rarely talk about it, camping is a great family activity. Not only will it teach your children to love the outdoors, but it can help bring the whole family together while creating new memories that will last for a lifetime. In a world where modern technology is part of our everyday life, it is nice to be able to run away from computers and other electronics for a while. Here are the top 5 reasons why camping is great for the family!

1. It’s Great For Physical Health

Being outdoors has numerous health benefits for people of all ages. There is nothing that can increase your immune system such as sunlight and fresh air. Being outside will also relieve you from stress, and it can be beneficial for chronic pain. Vitamin D is also great for making you happier and increasing your muscle strength.

2. Tasty Food

Everything tastes better when grilled on a real fire! Camping makes us stop eating microwaved food and forces us to try to make our own meal from time to time. Not to mention that fresh air makes you starving, and eating anything outside is much better than the living room!

3. You Can Unplug Your Phones

In the city, we can’t stay away from our phones. They are the first thing we look at in the morning, we keep it in our hands all the time, and we fall asleep with it next to us. In the wilderness, however, there is no Wi-Fi, sometimes there even isn’t any signal! Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself.

4. You Can Spend Quality Time Together

Let’s face it. When was the last time you and your family have spent some time together? Camping is a great way to do it, especially if you buy one of those big 8 person tents for camping. Being close in blankets during cold nights can bring people together, especially when there is no technology to disturb conversations!

5. It’s Inexpensive

Most family vacations cost a pretty penny. Camping, however, can be almost free in case you have all the gears already bought. Just like our friends over at thetenthub.com say, you don’t have to pay for a hotel room or an apartment, and there is no need for fancy restaurants. Just take your tent, barbecue, buy some snacks, and bring good energy and you’re good to go!

How to Use a Mirrorless Camera to Take Photos in Thailand

Even for a professional photographer, the knob, dials, and buttons of a mirrorless camera or กล้องมิเรอร์เลส as the Thai’s would call it,  can be intimidating to control at first and much more difficult for amateur photographers handling it for the first time.

This article will provide you with the necessary guidelines for operating a mirrorless camera effectively whether or not you’re a pro in taking great photos.

Now, let’s take you through the process, one step at a time.

For most cameras, you can find the mode dial sitting at the top. Basically, almost all mirrorless camera is designed with a manual mode that gives you access to control aperture and shutter speed.

The manual settings must be followed appropriately to avoid unnecessary manual configurations. However, if you’re unable to handle the settings appropriately, it is better you select an easy mode usually a shutter or an Aperture Priority Mode.

If you’re a novice at shooting (we definitely don’t mean shooting a gun in this context), you can opt for Program Mode, in which the camera automatically selects the particular balance of both shutter and aperture in order to get a good exposure.

The camera decides the balance of shutter and aperture when using Program Mode, but it also gives you the room of regulating or adjusting the settings of an ISO lighting sensitivity among others.

Many mirrorless cameras are designed to provide additional specialty modes. Taking a Canon camera for example, one can decide to use the Creative Auto mode which enables you to regulate the level of background and colour. If you’re unsure check over at Proreview.co for their full breakdown on all mirrorless cameras to use in Thailand.

So far we’ve been discussing different modes to operate with. Now, let’s take you into the practical aspect on how to use a mirrorless camera to take different kinds of photos:

How to use a mirrorless camera to capture action photos

The level of shutter speed is essential to capturing an action photo. The following are recommended:

  • Activate Shutter Priority Mode (on Sony and Nikon, it’s labelled as “S” and “Tv” for Canon)
  • Adjust shutter speed to 1/250 to capture target subject/object in motion (e.g. walking humans), if object is faster increase shutter speed (1/1250)

How to use a mirrorless camera to take portrait and landscape photos

For portrait:

  • For zooming lens set camera at 35mm or 30mm for non-zooming to get an almost perfect non-distorted angle view
  • Using mode dial set camera to Aperture Priority (“A” on Sony or Nikon and “Av” on Canon)
  • For long distance between object use aperture of f/8 and f/5.6 if less

For landscape:

  • Camera should remain on Aperture Priority at f/9 to focus on distant object effectively
  • To capture sharp image increase aperture to 22 or higher

To learn how to use high dynamic range and to take photos in low light, see:


How to Feed Orioles

Baltimore orioles are small black birds with a black back, short beak, orange belly, wings bar at the base and white tips which are common in eastern North America as a migratory breeding bird. The interbreeding of the Baltimore oriole and the western bullock’s oriole (icterus bullockii), made them referred to like the same species called the northern oriole.

Attracting the best-looking birds with lucrative colours can be a bit of a challenge. The little black and orange birds (Oriole) typically make their perch at the tops of the tree. They can quickly be drawn into your garden with the right bird feeder. To attract this species of birds in your backyard, you need to create a conducive environment that will draw their attention, using an oriole feedercan help. Ensure to make your garden a perfect place for settlement by providing good food in your bird feeder, try to adjust to their need to ma; work for them to adapt and settle in the new environment.

Benefits of Oriole Bird Feeders

Generally, oriole feed on insectsthroughout the year, and they also feed more in fruits and berries during the summer. These attractive looking birds can be Leo into your garden with help if nectar feeder and sometimes eat suet. We have several ways of attracting orioles birds to your yard, and also different type of feeders to accommodate their food which draws them to your yard.

Full ports and perches: Oriole birds are not significant, but they need a reasonably large bill, so providing a full port will help them to feed more efficiently.

Very easy to clean: Ensure cleaning your bird feeder at least three days minimum, so make sure to choose one that has a design which is easy to clean with low-cost maintenance. It is visible no living creature will ever want to be in a dirty environment.

Combination style: Basically oriole birds most time feed on fruits, seeds, and insects, so it is crucial to go for combination feeder that contains a nectar reservoir, room for insects or jelly and a spike or hook to hang fresh fruits.

Migration: Birds, just like every other animal, spend more of their time searching for food to meet up with their needs. When there is enough food in your birds’ feeder, it tends to attract such birds to your garden.

Supplement natural food sources: Birds consume lots of calories in a day compared to that of human, the backyard bird feeder is a helpful supplement for wild birds ferocious feeding requirements. This topic is covered more extensively over at feather-magazine.com, our favorite bird blog.

Finally, oriole birds are treetop birds, it essential to hang your oriole feeder where they would be most likely to see it from their perches at the top of trees. technically, orange fruits are the best and most accessible food to offer oriole at a birdfeeder. The bird feeder is known to attract predators besides the birds, and most of them aren’t there for the seed. Predators may set up shop around a bird feeder waiting for the birds to fly by.

The Best Top Coat Nail Polish

Perfections, this word is maybe what many people wants, especially for girl’s, teenage girl’s, well don’t know exactly why, but this is the fact, anyway, talking about perfections, this time I will share to you something about best top coat nail polish, but, before I continue this discussion, I’d like to ask one thing, do you know what is the top coat nail is? For your information’s, top coat nail polish is kind of nail polish that make the color of the nail polish last longer, it means that top coat is something that applied after you add some base nail polish on your nails.

Long lasting nail polish is the most important thing, non long lasting nail polish result continuously polishing which means it will be bother and troublesome for some reason, and to solve repeating polishing nails you can use Top coat nail polish, you can find it on the beauty store, the color will be last longer and not easy to be faded, strong and beautiful color is one of many girl’s want, but still top coat nail polish have its own goodness, here I have the list of the best top coat nail polish that commonly used by many girl’s this far.

The first is Sally Hansen, this one seems familiar for you is not it? Sally Hansen top coat product is trusted and have proven by many testers, when this product firstly launched, the give some sample of the product to the testers in order to prove the goodness of it, and it goodly proved until now, next is CND air dry, this one is recommended by many girl’s who ever try this top coat nail polish before, the long lasting color and beauty color is may be the best this far.

Easy Nail Art Ideas

The women usually give their appearance for more attractive with the jewelry, beautiful dress, and many like that. If you would like to design photos or to collect various pictures, now you can make something different with painting your nails. It is simply way for you to create the different style, and can inspire yourself or people around you surely. Beside improvement with a regular manicure and pedicure, women might build her feet and hands look fascinating with nail art designs. There are many easy nail art ideas that will help you to do your nails.

You can make your nail attractively with easy nail polish designs. You do not need go to a professional nail art to get beautiful nail. You just need to use easy nail art ideas, like to combine your nail colors with various cute shape. So you can get the nail art what you like. The easy design is not time consuming and take many stuffs. The example is, if you only have red nail color or black nail color, you can blocked your nails with that color. Then start to paint with others color what shape you like, such as flower, stripes, polka-dots, etc. Or you can only use single color to paint directly your nail with a certain shape without blocked nail color, for example heart shape.

The key of this creation to do your nail is your braveness to create something new on your nails. If you have braveness, do not be afraid to false, you can use your imagine to make easy nail polish designs then realize it into a beautiful nail art. You do not need to worry because coloring nail art will be interest even your nail polish has failed instead. You can practice and try it now!

Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails

Actually nail art designs is not only for people who have long nails, but also short nails. People can choose long or short nails depend on how much time they have to treat her nails and what their activity. Because there is several jobs that can not be done by long nails, or must have long nails. Female students for example, they are may not to have long nails by rules of their school. But the reason about whether you have long or short nails does not the matter for you to do your nails art designs. You just need to match your nails with where you are going to certain place.

If you have short nails, it does not to be a problem for you to get nail designs on your hands. Because there are many ways to have cute nail designs for short nails. You can choose various nail designs for your short nails, such a polka dot nail designs, black and white nail designs, or else. A simple nail designs will make your short nails attractive, and you can match it with your activity. The colors of nail polish like black, white, pastel, pink, and purple is sensible with your short nails, or you can combine those colors to make your nails colorful. So you can practice to have cute nail designs for short nails from several tutorials about nail art in websites.

The over-plus of short nails is you can make up it in a short time. Means that when you are making nail art with short nails, it can not be time consuming. Short nails do not need more times like long nails to make nail designs. But you must be careful with your nails, even short nails, when you are choosing some product of nail art for your sensitive nails.

How to Use Rhinestone Nail Designs

Are you having an idea to apply certain rhinestone nail designs to your nail, but do not possess any knowledge where to start? Well, my friends, staying with me here is quite great idea for most of you since I will talk a little bit more about rhinestone nail designs. I do really wish that you are willing to spare times with me right here reading the rest of this article. More and more people see this kind of design as amazing addition to their appearance not only because the idea of using Rhinestones enhances the artificial and natural nails, but also how this design brings more spark to the nail if yours.

The nail bed is the best place for the rhinestone design to sit and yet, you do not have to waste a lot of times and money visiting a nail salon to jazz up your nails despite the fact that salons help you do the job and make things easier. You could use almost anything when it comes to the design from a basic line of rhinestones up to the flower made out of rhinestone. The sky is the only limit you have right now and imagination is what you are using to come up with something amazing, something stunning through the proper and decent choice of the design for your fingernails. So, what are you going to do about it now?

Well, you could simply get a little tour to your nail salon or local beauty supply store. Through this kind of option, you will be able to find out what trend a lot of people are using these days. You do not have to follow all of them, just go with something you love the most. Yet, you could also use the internet and fashion magazines to help you out with this kind of matter.