What Do They Call Collagen Powder In Holland

Collagen is an ingredient that has certainly sparked in popularity. You can find it everywhere – in beauty products, makeup, even at your local coffee shop! But what exactly is collagen powder and why is it so sought after?

Collagen is a form of protein commonly found in our bodies. Of course, beauty products don’t use collagen from our bodies. Rather, they take animal-derived collagen and use it to supplement the amount of collagen we naturally have. Why is this important?

In a literal sense, collagen helps hold our bodies together. It has a structural function and it makes sures are tendons are strong, soft tissues are connected to the skeleton, and our skin and organs are flexible. This is also what’s making our skin elastic and youthful looking.

What Is Collagen Powder?

Naturally, collagen used in beauty products come in gelatinous form. It is made of animal tissues such as skin, bones, fish scales, and egg shells. Once processed, these become gelatinous. Then, you can combine them with other ingredients to get a collagen cream, for example.

However, some experts have found that collagen used in that form isn’t as beneficial as people have expected. It cannot break into the deeper parts of our skin or into our bodies. Instead, it stays on the surface. 

When you break that collagen even further, you can get a fine powder that you can then use in different ways compared to regular collagen. This collagen powder ends up in protein bars, capsules, single-serve pouches, and vitamin tubs. 

By ingesting it, you can gain more benefits from collagen than you would by only putting it onto your skin. Collagen powder can provide you with skin, hair, nail, bone, muscle, and joint support. Some research suggests that it might even improve your sleep, boost gut health, or help control your weight!

What If You Need Collagen Powder in The Netherlands?

Collagen powder is rather popular in the EU, including the Netherlands. If you find yourself in this beautiful country, all you have to do is ask them for collagen poeders and they will point you to the right direction and the right product.

Dutch people are very passionate about their skin and they take good care of it. They love all new skincare trends, and collagen powder is certainly a beneficial one. Don’t let language barriers prevent you from getting the product you want.