Hello Kitty Nail Designs With Color Purple

Hello Kitty Nail Designs: Cute and Awesome

Hello Kitty is one of the characters of cartoon that many people liked, especially for pink fans. Maybe you one of them who like hello kitty too, but you do not know how to express your feeling except to collect accessories about hello kitty. Do not be worried, because today you can experience with your nails to create hello kitty yourself. That is hello kitty nail art designs which you […]

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails With Elegant Motif

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, a very popular and famous cartoon character created back in 1974 with her talismanic a pink bow nestled on her right ear around her cute and romantic, white kitty face. Yeah, that is right—more and more women bring back the old romantic moment by painting or drawing the pictures of hello kitty nails whether it is acrylic, paint or even the nail decal. Whether you are […]

Shellac Nail Polish With Black Spots

Shellac Nail Polish – Quality Product for Beauty Nail

Hello girls, how is everybody’s doing right now? Everything goes well I hope, well just be positive from now on, it will bring better result in the end, anyway, one of you girls may have known about this one, but I think not all of you understand about it though, so I guess I will review it again, this time I will tell you some information about shellac nail polish, […]

Amazing Nail Staright Designs

Elegant and Amazing Nail Designs

Many surveys done by many experts in order to know what is the amazing nail designs, well doing such a survey’s is going to spend much time is not it, and also to get the best results, we have to make sure that the correspondent, or the person who answer the surveys is the right person’s, we can just throw a survey’s to many people who don’t get what is […]

Easy Applied Acrylic Nails With Flowers Motif

Easy Acrylic Nails Applied

There are so many solutions to help women look amazing in front of other people and one of them is by using the nail art that turns into such a popular thing most women are getting these days simply because of so many reasons along the way. Nail art enhances the overall look and appearance of a woman without the need of spending too many fortunes along the way. There […]

Latest Glitter Nail Color Trends With Gold

Latest Nail Trends

Nail trends are evolving. This is one of popular designs in fashion. All fashionista are definitely know nail art, even they always use nail designs in defferent events that they have came. The nail trends is always be different trend of nails year by year. We can observe nail trends frequently, even today we can find the trend has change fastly. It is all because many people who like nail […]

Pretty Valentine’s Day Nail Designs Ideas

Beautiful Arts Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Most people agree that hands are spot where we could know a lot about a woman and that is why you do not want to bring any wrong impression with a set of tough talons on Valentine’s Day. There are so many Valentine’s Day nail designs to apply and the only thing you need to do is to choose the right one. Valentine’s Day is about love—it does not matter whether you […]