Hello Kitty Nail Designs With Watches

Hello Kitty Nail Designs: Cute and Awesome

Hello Kitty is one of the characters of cartoon that many people liked, especially for pink fans. Maybe you one of them who like hello kitty too, but you do not know how to express your feeling except to collect accessories about hello kitty. Do not be worried, because today you can experience with your nails to create hello kitty yourself. That is hello kitty nail art designs which you […]

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails With White Spots

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, a very popular and famous cartoon character created back in 1974 with her talismanic a pink bow nestled on her right ear around her cute and romantic, white kitty face. Yeah, that is right—more and more women bring back the old romantic moment by painting or drawing the pictures of hello kitty nails whether it is acrylic, paint or even the nail decal. Whether you are […]

Glamour Unique Nail Designs

Best and Unique Nail Designs

, but in fact many people already applied that nail arts , so where is the unique is? Well, unique thing depends on what make its different with the others, at first when I see the social media like facebook logo become one of nail arts design, I was predict that this will be cool and more people will do the same thing and it’s true. You can see the […]

Beautiful Acrylic Toenails Design

How to Apply Acrylic Toenails Design

Hello girls, how are you today? I hope you are doing fine just like mine. Through this post, we are going to talk about acrylic toenails and this is why you need to stay with me here a bit while. So, without spending too much time of your life, we are going down to the business and start talking about the acrylic toenails and how to apply it. Well, we are going to […]

Zebra Nail Designs With Style Edge

The Beauty of Zebra Nail Designs

Zebra is combination colors of white and black. This is one of animal prints that also a popular on nail designs. The stripes designs with white and black colors make it a simple but nice nail designs. If you are a fan of black and white colors, you might be like it too. Zebra design has become a famous in fashion. The unique and cool shape is used by people […]

Unique Romantic Fingernail Designs With Leopard Motif

Unique Romantic Fingernail Designs

Fingernail design with nail designs are a blend of beautiful colors and patterns. Unique designs like cartoons, colorful, or Fingernail design lines make her very popular because it makes women appear more confident. There are various kinds of fingernail designs you can apply on your nails. Like the romantic look, perfect for your feminine woman with shades of fuchsia purple as the base color with pink heart motif. There also rainbow Fingernail designs. […]

Mint Green Nail Polish ideas

Mint Green Nail Polish

Do you want to look sexy with the latest trend of mint green nail polish, but do not know where to start? Most women are dealing with such a problem and that is why you do not have to worry because there are so many options are available for you to choose right at this very time when you are thinking about wearing the mint green nail polish as part of the trend […]