Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails With Basic Color Pink

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, a very popular and famous cartoon character created back in 1974 with her talismanic a pink bow nestled on her right ear around her cute and romantic, white kitty face. Yeah, that is right—more and more women bring back the old romantic moment by painting or drawing the pictures of hello kitty nails whether it is acrylic, paint or even the nail decal. Whether you are […]

Hello Kitty Nail Designs With Colorful Gatris

Hello Kitty Nail Designs: Cute and Awesome

Hello Kitty is one of the characters of cartoon that many people liked, especially for pink fans. Maybe you one of them who like hello kitty too, but you do not know how to express your feeling except to collect accessories about hello kitty. Do not be worried, because today you can experience with your nails to create hello kitty yourself. That is hello kitty nail art designs which you […]

Nails Designs With Motif Box 2013

Nails Designs 2013

For those of you who are interested in the world of fashion and beauty will certainly always curious about the latest trends that are present on the stage runway. Not only fashion and makeup trends that update, but this time I will discuss what’s hot and sizzling on the nail world. Yes, nails! Although the area were small and very detailed, but the attention of the nails have become a […]

Red Nail Designs With White Spot

Red Nail Designs

The red color have always been popular idol by people. But the red nails is timeless classic maybe. Basically, the red color has become symbolize of the braveness. The red always in the center of the club, it is represent that the red means brave, leader, and reliable. So that the red is one of the most favorite color. Even our blood is red too. Just because red nails is […]

Shellac Nail Polish Color With Black

Shellac Nail Polish – Quality Product for Beauty Nail

Hello girls, how is everybody’s doing right now? Everything goes well I hope, well just be positive from now on, it will bring better result in the end, anyway, one of you girls may have known about this one, but I think not all of you understand about it though, so I guess I will review it again, this time I will tell you some information about shellac nail polish, […]

penguin nail art

Cute Penguin Nail Art Designs and Tutorial

Are you a lover of penguins and do you want some cute penguin nail art designs which are easy to recreate in the comfort of your own home? I have shaky hands but I can even recreate these simple nail designs featuring penguins. You can use variations of this particular nail art all year long.  The traditional black and white penguin nails below will work at any time of the […]

Nail Designs With White Base Color

How to Nail Designs

Once the manicure is over, most women will get the nail designs to further enhance the overall visual appearance of the nail with their small pictures, charms, flowers, jewels, or painted designs. Since it is possible for you to do such a thing at home without the need of going to the salon that costs a lot of money in the process, many women opt for such an option by […]