Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails With Leopard Motif

Pictures of Hello Kitty Nails

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, a very popular and famous cartoon character created back in 1974 with her talismanic a pink bow nestled on her right ear around her cute and romantic, white kitty face. Yeah, that is right—more and more women bring back the old romantic moment by painting or drawing the pictures of hello kitty nails whether it is acrylic, paint or even the nail decal. Whether you are […]

Hello Kitty Nail Designs With Red Ribbon Painting

Hello Kitty Nail Designs: Cute and Awesome

Hello Kitty is one of the characters of cartoon that many people liked, especially for pink fans. Maybe you one of them who like hello kitty too, but you do not know how to express your feeling except to collect accessories about hello kitty. Do not be worried, because today you can experience with your nails to create hello kitty yourself. That is hello kitty nail art designs which you […]

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Nail Designs Arts

Beautiful Arts Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Most people agree that hands are spot where we could know a lot about a woman and that is why you do not want to bring any wrong impression with a set of tough talons on Valentine’s Day. There are so many Valentine’s Day nail designs to apply and the only thing you need to do is to choose the right one. Valentine’s Day is about love—it does not matter whether you […]

vintage rose nails

Easy Vintage Rose Nail Art

How about some vintage rose nail art for Valentine’s Day? Roses are the symbol of love and what most of us lucky girls will be receiving this February 14th. I am strongly considering getting rose nail art for my romantic dinner with my boyfriend this V Day. I just have to decide what color of dress I am going to wear so that I can make sure my nails match. […]

Minnie Mouse With Yellow Nails Design

Fun and Creative Ideas of the Minnie Mouse Nails Design

For a quite some time, Minnie Mouse as a Disney character has been favorite for so many little girls not to mention grown up women simply because this character is absolutely adorable with her cute round face not to mention her sweet voice as well as her relationship with Mickey. Everybody wants to make the Minnie Mouse nails to beautify their nails and yes, the Minnie Mouse is what really inspired […]

With Marble Nail Polish Color Purple

Marble Nail Polish

Everyone know about this one, marble, this tiny little balls that mostly played by the kids, this tiny little thing has its own beauty, take a look at the color of the marbles, its unique and so adorable, look the way of the color blended and become something that catch our attentions, this make marble color popular, marble color is applied on many things, most of them is tiles, and […]

Luxurious Fourth of July Nail Art

Fourth of July Nail Art Ideas for Teenagers

Are you going to celebrate the Independence Day with the Fourth of July nail art, but have no clues where to start? Well, you want to stick around with me a little bit while here so you will have an idea what to draw in your fingernails so you could go out with pride. Here, we have a few ideas of the beautiful manicure inspired by the Fourth of July nail art that […]