Halloween Nail Designs With Gold Color

Beautiful Halloween Nail Designs for the Night Celebration

Guys, you know what exactly is Halloween? Well, Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31 and especially in America. Yet as technological developments and a Hollywood movie, Halloween is also present in Indonesia country. Halloween has always been associated with the lurid and identic with demons, witches, and creepy creatures of western culture. Usually they wear scary costumes and celebrations when the kids ask for candy […]

Halloween Nail Designs With Cat Motif

Halloween Nail Designs

What is your costume that you wore in the Halloween last year? Halloween is special day for the European, they have celebrated that day with a strange costume. Halloween’s day is identical with various ghost costumes, and their face was made over by theirselves until resemble with the ghost that the costume they wear. You can make your Halloween costume with nail designs on your hands too. The nail designs […]

Amazing Beyonce Nails Ideas With Color Blue

Amazing Beyonce Nails Ideas

Everybody is talking about how stunning and amazing Beyonce nails are not to mention how to use those things as the inspiration of this summer nail design. No one denies that Beyonce is not only among the most popular divas, but also such stunning and beautiful women at the same time. Well, through this post, we are going to talk about the recent Beyonce nails, the ones you could take a better […]

Fall Stiletto Nail Designs

Unique and Different Style of the Stiletto Nail Designs

Everybody talks about the stiletto nail designs these days simply because the nail designs that resemble the stiletto are a very hot new trend. It is quite an easy thing to do for me to mention the name of celebrities who come to the gala show wearing these stiletto nail designs from Rihanna, up to Fergie, not to mention Lady Gaga. What is so amazing about this design anyway compared […]

Cool Nail Ideas With Cool Designs

Cool Nail Ideas

There are so many ways to enhance the overall appearance of your body and one of them is the nail polish, which is also great to experiment with simply because it is an affordable solution that allows you to try something funky as well as cool. Many cool nail ideas for you to try without the need of worrying any heavy commitment. Simply do it by yourself each day and through better […]

Cool Nail Designs With Rainbow Colors

How to Do Cool Nail Designs

Lots of people are asking how to do cool nail designs to me and it kind of bothers me knowing many of you do not have any idea to get some cool designs for the nail. Well, you no longer need to worry about such a matter since I am going to spend more times talking about how to do cool nail designs and I do really hope that you are willing to share […]

Hunger Games Nail Polish With Flame Design

Hunger Games Nail Polish

Hunger games, what is crossed on your mind when you hear that words? Mine is something like starving day by day, well anyway hunger game is one of the latest box office movie, this movie is based on a novel written by Suzanne Collins, on her novel he write something that tell us about one world that divided by many districts, on this stories, every years , one of the […]