Halloween Nail Designs With Gold Color

Beautiful Halloween Nail Designs for the Night Celebration

Guys, you know what exactly is Halloween? Well, Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31 and especially in America. Yet as technological developments and a Hollywood movie, Halloween is also present in Indonesia country. Halloween has always been associated with the lurid and identic with demons, witches, and creepy creatures of western culture. Usually they wear scary costumes and celebrations when the kids ask for candy […]

Halloween Nail Designs With Basic Color Yellow

Halloween Nail Designs

What is your costume that you wore in the Halloween last year? Halloween is special day for the European, they have celebrated that day with a strange costume. Halloween’s day is identical with various ghost costumes, and their face was made over by theirselves until resemble with the ghost that the costume they wear. You can make your Halloween costume with nail designs on your hands too. The nail designs […]

Good Gold Nail Designs

Popular Gold Nail Designs

Black and gold nail designs are popular because they are stunning combination a lot of people are using when decorating their nails. What I am trying to say here is that the idea to combine black with gold to paint the nail with is simply super and most women should definitely try this thing. There are so many reasons why black and gold nail designs are really amazing and popular. At first, black has […]

Creative Marbling Cool Nail Polish Designs

Cool Nail Polish Designs

Finding the right one among the cool nail polish designs is pretty simple kind of job for most of you to do since the only thing you need right now is the time. As long as you could be a bit patience, there will be answer for the problem of finding cool nail polish designs, especially when you are looking at the right place. Yeah, that is right, girls—through this post, I am […]

Acrylic Black Fake Nail Designs

Amazing Design with the Fake Nail Designs

Do you want to create the fake nail designs, but have no clues where to start? It might be such a better idea for you to stay with me here a little bit longer to read the rest of this post as I am going to show how to design the fake nails. I will not show you so many fake nail designs, but I will provide more idea how to create […]

Good Nail Art Polish Brands

Good Nail Polish Brands

Here we go again, another brand new products is striking the beauty stores again, well honestly, talking about nail arts product is never ending, many articles have describe and review many kinds of brand that become something special to their consumers, but do you ever think which is the good nail polish brands before? do you really know those brands is really good, or just become such a follower, who […]

Unique Romantic Fingernail Designs With Flowers Motif

Unique Romantic Fingernail Designs

Fingernail design with nail designs are a blend of beautiful colors and patterns. Unique designs like cartoons, colorful, or Fingernail design lines make her very popular because it makes women appear more confident. There are various kinds of fingernail designs you can apply on your nails. Like the romantic look, perfect for your feminine woman with shades of fuchsia purple as the base color with pink heart motif. There also rainbow Fingernail designs. […]