Halloween Color Glitter Nail Designs With Orange

Halloween Nail Designs

What is your costume that you wore in the Halloween last year? Halloween is special day for the European, they have celebrated that day with a strange costume. Halloween’s day is identical with various ghost costumes, and their face was made over by theirselves until resemble with the ghost that the costume they wear. You can make your Halloween costume with nail designs on your hands too. The nail designs […]

Halloween Nail Designs With Orange Glitter

Beautiful Halloween Nail Designs for the Night Celebration

Guys, you know what exactly is Halloween? Well, Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31 and especially in America. Yet as technological developments and a Hollywood movie, Halloween is also present in Indonesia country. Halloween has always been associated with the lurid and identic with demons, witches, and creepy creatures of western culture. Usually they wear scary costumes and celebrations when the kids ask for candy […]

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish With Color Gray

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish

Are you thinking about buying nail polish or getting the ones as you are getting bored with the same old nail polish? Well, you might take a better look at Revlon Colorstay nail polish that becomes more and more popular these days since a lot of women are using it in order to boost and enhance their overall visual appearance. Through this post, we are going to talk a little bit […]

Spring Nail Designs With Color Purple Young

Spring Nail Designs in the Blossom Seasons

Hi, girls, the spring or summer flowers have arrived. Do you know girls? Why is it called spring? It because the spring flowers are blooming again, so called blossom season. Many activities you do in this season. One is to change the appearance of your nails look more beautiful with the theme of spring nail designs. Spring nail designs brings bright and cheerful atmosphere. You can apply the bright colors […]

Nail Art 101 Dalmatians With Round Spot

Nail Art 101 Dalmatians

Movies, talking about movies, may I know what kind of movie do you like to watch this week? Well since the Hollywood keep producing box office and best seller movie, it will be fun to spend our weekend on the cinemas, I maybe going to regret it, want to know why? Well man of steel is play on the cinema this week, with all the piled works, I may don’t […]

Safe Nail Polish Color With Yellow

Safe Nail Polish

Well, looks like the development of the nail polish is on the top right now, seriously, look how many kinds of brands of nail polish that been added on the stores, there so many of them, what is the effect for us? The effect is may be confusing, from now on choosing the nail polish is more difficult, especially for the newbie’s, as they are new, they also don’t know […]

Pretty Colorful Nail Designs

Colorful Nail Designs

  , you may have seen this before, colorful nail arts design were mass created by many nail arts creators, here I try to give you a suggestions how to decide the better color combinations in order to make the best colorful nail designs, since nail arts is no longer become an exclusive thing cause many people especially girls were apply nail arts on their nails, we have to make […]