Halloween Nail Designs With Color Yellow

Beautiful Halloween Nail Designs for the Night Celebration

Guys, you know what exactly is Halloween? Well, Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31 and especially in America. Yet as technological developments and a Hollywood movie, Halloween is also present in Indonesia country. Halloween has always been associated with the lurid and identic with demons, witches, and creepy creatures of western culture. Usually they wear scary costumes and celebrations when the kids ask for candy […]

Halloween Nail Designs With Color Black Orange

Halloween Nail Designs

What is your costume that you wore in the Halloween last year? Halloween is special day for the European, they have celebrated that day with a strange costume. Halloween’s day is identical with various ghost costumes, and their face was made over by theirselves until resemble with the ghost that the costume they wear. You can make your Halloween costume with nail designs on your hands too. The nail designs […]

Cool and Easy Nail Designs With Flowers Pink

Cool and Easy Nail Designs

The women usually give their appearance for more attractive with the jewelry, beautiful dress, and many like that. If you would like to design photos or to collect various pictures, now you can make something different with painting your nails. It is simply way for you to create the different style, and can inspire yourself or people around you surely. Beside improvement with a regular manicure and pedicure, women might […]

Lady Gaga Nails Design With Color Red

Lady Gaga Nails Design

Do you want to look amazing in front of other people by spending a lot of money? You might try the Lady Gaga nails, the fake ones that are a hot topic most people are talking about these days, how amazing these kinds of fake nail, wore by the sensational international diva named Lady Gaga. For quite some time now, the news all over the internet and magazine are full with […]

Prom Nail Designs With Silver Color Line

Beautiful Prom Nail Designs accordance Your Personality

Prom or event always anticipated farewell teens school students who have graduated. However, prom is common in foreign countries like America. Prom night will be one that is memorable to you. Everyone is busy to look perfect in the event that they are later. Moreover, the girls must be busy looking for the best dress, accessories, jewelry, and hairstyle prom accordance with a predetermined theme. The girls would want to […]

Nail Designs for Kids With White Color Pink

How to Apply the Nail Designs for Kids

The times have been a lot of changes. Technology, trend clothes, hair, nails and even very fast trend update. Did you know girls, recently nails art is not just for teenagers, working women, or adults? Nail design for kids started popping up a lot. When the child was 2 years old surely starting to be sassy when you use your nails look colorful. How to design your nails your child […]

Cow Cute Nails With Black Spot

Cow Cute Nails for Fun Nail Art Design

I’m kind a curious about this thing, I see the teenage magazine, there are a lot of things about fashion, and also beauty cares, hair style, skin cares, fashion style design and many more, just like the regular teenage magazine, but when I see the last page of the magazine, I feel something different there, I a cow on the girl nails, with white and black color randomly placed on […]