Halloween Nail Designs With Orange Color Spots

Halloween Nail Designs

What is your costume that you wore in the Halloween last year? Halloween is special day for the European, they have celebrated that day with a strange costume. Halloween’s day is identical with various ghost costumes, and their face was made over by theirselves until resemble with the ghost that the costume they wear. You can make your Halloween costume with nail designs on your hands too. The nail designs […]

Halloween Nail Designs With Face Motif

Beautiful Halloween Nail Designs for the Night Celebration

Guys, you know what exactly is Halloween? Well, Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31 and especially in America. Yet as technological developments and a Hollywood movie, Halloween is also present in Indonesia country. Halloween has always been associated with the lurid and identic with demons, witches, and creepy creatures of western culture. Usually they wear scary costumes and celebrations when the kids ask for candy […]

Prom Nail Designs White Color With Silver

Beautiful Prom Nail Designs accordance Your Personality

Prom or event always anticipated farewell teens school students who have graduated. However, prom is common in foreign countries like America. Prom night will be one that is memorable to you. Everyone is busy to look perfect in the event that they are later. Moreover, the girls must be busy looking for the best dress, accessories, jewelry, and hairstyle prom accordance with a predetermined theme. The girls would want to […]

Removing Gel Nail Polish Color With Pink

Removing Gel Nail Polish

Are you having problems when removing gel nail polish because you do not know how to do it right? Well, you do want to stick around with me here reading the rest of this post to figure out what you should do when removing gel nail polish. More and more women consider the gel nails to enhance and boost the overall visual appearance simply because gel nails look amazing and nice. However, you […]

Remove Shellac Nail Polish With Color Purple

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

Asking about how to remove shellac nail polish is what many women do these days simply because they do not know a proper solution to get rid of the shellac nail polish. The idea of using this kind of nail polish becomes much more popular these days and most women are willing to spend a lot of money only to go to the salon and ask a professional manicurist to apply the […]

Top Acrylic Nail Ideas

Things You should know about the Acrylic Nail Ideas

Well as we know, many development about nail arts is been doing by many experts, represents by many nail polish and products manufactures, they all have one purpose, perfections, we know that perfections is something like a dream’s, but still this is able to reach, anyway talking about nail development, this time I will share something about acrylic nail ideas, this kind of nail have been applied by many nail […]

Cool Leopard Nail Designs

Attractive Style of the Leopard Nail Designs

This time I have some experience about leopard nail designs, as we know leopard is one of the many kinds of predators at the African desert, this leopard as the many big cats’ species, different with the others, this leopard have a beautiful skin color, you may look at the image below, they are awesome is not it?, combinations between natural yellow color and black dots is astonishing, imagine if […]