Nail Designs With Purple Diamond

Easy to Do Nail Designs

Do you want to look out of ordinary? Just take it nail art for your nails, it will make you look different. Or you want to make nail art but you do not know how you can create it on your nails? You just do not need to worried, because many easy ways to do your nails. All you have to do is take your passion of nail art, then […]

Easy Nail Designs to Do At Home Stripes and Dots Design

Easy Nail Designs to Do At Home

Literally, there are so many easy nail designs to do at home so you do not have to go to the nail salon to change the old appearance of your nail and spend a lot of money at the same time. Through this post, you are about to know a few easy nail designs to do at home so you could bring something different yet stunning to the look of yours. The nail designs […]

Easy Nail Designs With Red Base Color

Easy Nail Designs for Beginners

Do you want to make up your nails? But you are a beginner. Do not be worried, there are many easy ways to do your nails good looking. So you do not be wary if your creation of nail designs will look bad. Because the colors of nail designs will make it more fun. Eventhough you start it with the simplest designs, but it will be look nice. Some of […]

Step by Step Simple Nail Designs

Step by Step Nail Designs

If you want to know how exactly the right way to make better nail design is, here I have some information’s about step by step nail designs, this time I will share to you the methods that commonly used by many people who ever succeed of making a good nail design, basically there were many ways and methods, but one of you maybe a new or beginner about this nail […]

Colorful Nail Art Designs

Colorful Nail Designs for Funny Nails Looks

Gal’s if you must choose one thing, this could be anything, but don’t take it serious, just for fun, one thing in this universe that represent colorful thing, what is the first thing that crossed on your mind? Mine is a rainbow, so what about you gal’s, do you have the same opinions as me? Well this could be anything as I said before, many person has its own opinion […]

vintage rose nails

Easy Vintage Rose Nail Art

How about some vintage rose nail art for Valentine’s Day? Roses are the symbol of love and what most of us lucky girls will be receiving this February 14th. I am strongly considering getting rose nail art for my romantic dinner with my boyfriend this V Day. I just have to decide what color of dress I am going to wear so that I can make sure my nails match. […]

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish OPI

Amazing Glow in the Dark Nail Polish OPI

The amount of people who apply a glow in the dark nail polish OPI to create something amazing out of their nails is increasing over time and it could be the reason why such nail polish turns into such a popular thing a lot of people are getting. Most of them are growing bored and tired with the same old nail polish they use to see in the market and we are […]

Nice Leopard Nail Designs

Simple Leopard Nail Designs

  Ok gal’s this time I will share one of my experience while I have a trip to the zoo, honestly this is the first time since last time I visit the zoo at the elementary school, so I’m so excited, imagine you can see the animals that commonly seen on the documentary channels, this time it appears right in front of your very eyes, on the television you can […]