Chanel Holographic Nail Polish With Modern Design

Chanel Holographic Nail Polish

There are so many ways for the women to look amazing and stunning in front of other people and one of them is by using nail polish, which is considered among the most affordable solutions to enhance the look. Yet, the market also provides so many options of the nail polish brands to choose from, which is quite amazing. For those who are looking for something different, Chanel holographic nail polish could […]

Island Girl Nail Polish Colors With Dark Blue

Island Girl Nail Polish Colors

Are you thinking about the perfect nail polish, but have no clues what to choose? Island Girl Nail Polish could really be a good answer of the nail polish to try this time. Indeed, the market is full with so many products of the nail polish for customers to choose from and finding the right one is going to take times, the ones that not only enhance the overall visual appearance of […]

Best Gel Nail Polish Color With Green

Best Gel Nail Polish

Ok gal’s, this day I will give you something about one of the nail polish that may be one of your favorite, I will talk about best gel nail polish, does everyone knows what exactly gel nail polish is? For those of you gal’s who don’t really know about it, this may be helpful for all of you, well gel nail polish is kinds of nail polish, but different with the […]

Valentine's Day Nail Art Color With Gold

Valentine’s day Nail Art

What is on your mind when you hear valentine’s day? Valentine’s day exactly identificate with one day of love, isn’t it? No more sadness in this day, bring cheerfullness that symbolized with bright colour such a pink, silver, and gold. Beside that, there are so many chocholates that we can meet it anywhere, rose flowers, dolls of bear as a love sign that usual used by someone to show his […]

Floral Pattern of Fingernail Designs With Cat Incurred

Floral Pattern of Fingernail Designs

When I first time see something about nail arts, something have crossed in my mind, what is the point? Where is the fun thing?, maybe just because I am a man so I don’t know exactly where the interesting parts of this nail arts, anyway almost all of many modern teenagers around the world use nail arts as their passion of fashion, some maybe also add it for art, and […]

Good White Nail Designs

White Nail Designs

Well gal’s looks like we need a time to make something new, just look at the grown of the nail arts design, it’s so massive and really fast, some style like glittery nail design is no longer become something new, everything is updating now, and so as the nail arts, but back in the day, creating something that previously made will results outdated style, everyone especially teenage girls will feel […]