Chanel Holographic Nail Polish Color With Black

Chanel Holographic Nail Polish

There are so many ways for the women to look amazing and stunning in front of other people and one of them is by using nail polish, which is considered among the most affordable solutions to enhance the look. Yet, the market also provides so many options of the nail polish brands to choose from, which is quite amazing. For those who are looking for something different, Chanel holographic nail polish could […]

Candy Corn Nails Decoration Style With Diamonds

Unique Design of the Candy Corn Nails Style

Hi girls, if you’re one of the lovers of orange and yellow? Now you can apply it in both bright color your nails with candy corn nail designs. Become nail lovers, you will get one more inspiration to style your nails. Dare to try it, want to know how to apply it on your nails? All right, I’ll share the trick for you nail lovers. Candy corn nails identic with […]

Pink Nail Designs With Leopard

Pink Nail Designs

Each time, there will always be new designs of the nail art for most women to apply since the trends of the nail polish come and go easily fashion as stylists continually experiment with color combos. Yet, when you are talking about a timeless trend of the nail polish, the pink shades will always be in style. Pink represents girly, a symbol of true women through pink nail designs, providing the […]

Easy Floral Nail Polish Designs

Easy Nail Polish Designs

Every single woman in the entire world would love to do some experiment with a nail polish as it is affordable and not to mention it lets you try something funky, modest, and cool trends without the need of worrying a heavy commitment at the same time, especially when trying easy nail polish designs. Over time, most of you will be able to make things perfect as long as you want […]


Comic Relief Nail Art for Friday 13th March

Are you looking for some Comic Relief nail art for 2015? Comic Relief is almost upon us and if you are planning to attend a fundraising event you might want your fingernails to look the part.   Red Nose Day as Comic Relief is also known is mainly associated with the colours red and white so you could always opt for red nails with white tips or vice versa to […]

Best Purple Nail Design

Best Purple Nail Design May 2014

If you are anything like me you will love purple nail designs. I cannot get enough of purple nails no matter what time of year it is. One of my favourites is the one shown here. It is like ombre style with the colour gradually fading near the tip. This is very much in fashion right now and you can be sure lots of people will be wanting to know […]